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Chapter One Introduction About CLIL Theory-1

1.1Definition and Origin of CLIL Model-1

1.2 The Characteristics of the European CLIL Model-1

1.3 The Social and Theoretical Basis of CLIL Model-2

Chapter Two The Importance of Children's English Teaching-3

2.1 The Importance of Foreign Language Teaching-3

2.1.1 Necessity and Feasibility-3

2.1.2 The Meaning of the English Teaching in Children's Education-3

2.2 Status of Children's English Education-4

2.2.1 Children's English Education Status-4

2.2.2 The Main ideas and Shortcomings-5

Chapter Three CLIL Model Applying in Teaching-6

3.1 The Application of Foreign Language Teaching-6

3.1.1 Several Effective Teaching Methods-6

3.1.2 The Development of CLIL Theory in Children's English Education-6

3.2 Improving CLIL in Children's English Education-7

3.2.1Scientific Selection of Teaching Materials-7

3.2.2The Multidisciplinary Model-8

3.2.3 Basic Teaching Model of Bilingual Education-8

Chapter Four Conclusion-12





Today, education is becoming more and more important for children's future development, so it becomes more prudent to choose the efficient approach. CLIL (content and language integrated learning) content and language integrated learning "(hereinafter referred to as the CLIL) refers to the language as the language of instruction to teach the non-language classes such as geography, biology, history course, the model have also been expressed in the children's English education.

The first chapter mainly concise introduction to the definition of CLIL theory, embodies the social culture to foreign language teaching, for our country's foreign language teaching method shows the new point of view. Content and language integrated learning teaching mode broke the traditional "language state-centric approach of foreign language teaching, language learning and the fusion of subject knowledge, so as to promote the common development of language and cognitive ability, for foreign language teaching, especially in business English teaching in China have a positive meaning and inspiration. The second chapter analyses the importance of early childhood English education, and other applications in children's English education theory, children's English is very important to the development of children's future, so this paper focuses on the existing children's English teaching methods in the discovery for young children's education. The third chapter mainly introduces the CLIL model in several applied in children's English teaching methods, these methods in the theory of CLIL are expressed, finally presented CLIL model can also through other ways to improve, the last chapter is conclusion.


Key words:  CLIL Model  Children’s English Education  Advantages and prospects development direction